• USD - American dolar
  • EUR - Euro
  • GBP - British pound
  • TRY - Turkish Lira
  • DZD - Algerian dinar
  • AOA - Angolan kwanza
  • XOF - CFA franc
  • BWP - Botswana pula
  • BIF - Burundi franc
  • XAF - CFA franc
  • CVE - Cape Verdean escudo
  • KMF - Comorian franc
  • CDF - Congolese franc
  • DJF - Djiboutian franc
  • EGP - Egyptian pound
  • ERN - Eritrean nakfa
  • ETB - Ethiopian birr
  • GMD - Dalasi
  • GHS - Ghanaian cedi
  • GNF - Guinean franc
  • KES - Kenyan shilling
  • LSL - Lesotho loti
  • LRD - Liberian dollar
  • LYD - Libyan dinar
  • MGA - Malagasy ariary
  • MWK - Malawian kwacha
  • MRO - Ouguiya
  • MUR - Mauritian rupee
  • MAD - Moroccan dirham
  • MZN - Mozambican metical
  • NAD - Namibian dollar
  • NGN - Nigerian naira
  • RWF - Rwandan franc
  • STD - São Tomé and Príncipe dobra
  • SCR - Seychellois rupee
  • SLL - Sierra Leonean leone
  • SOS - Somali shilling
  • ZAR - South African rand
  • SSP - South Sudanese pound
  • SDG - Sudanese pound
  • SZL - Swazi lilangeni
  • TZS - Tanzanian shilling
  • TND - Tunisian dinar
  • UGX - Ugandan shilling
  • ZMW - Zambian kwacha
  • ZBN - RTGS Dollar

About Us

Trip2Africa is one of the world’s first online travel booking platforms for Africa. Established in 2019, the website aims to create a marketing and booking platform for African Travel and Tourism Establishments.

Our headquarters is situated in Windhoek and we aim to market tourism facilities in all 52 African countries. We provide a network of accommodation facilities, transport provisions and tours which include safari trips as well.

By providing these convenient services on one platform we aim to make travelling to, in and around Africa easy and affordable for travelers through various options. This website is 100% African owned and promises to deliver support in all areas. This website was officially launched in January 2020.


Meet the team



Ms. Roseline Kinda

Roseline is an avid traveler and a pan Africanist. While working in the medical industry she discovered her calling for travel and since she loved travelling so much she decided to make it part of her life professionally. She is passionate about travel and African travel particularly. Roseline was born and raised in Namibia and has great knowledge of all things African. 





General Assistant

Ms. Ursula Tjihuiko

Ursula is in charge of the administrative aspects. She is also from Namibia and is an expert in Damara (Khoekhoe) culture.






Assistant: North African Region

Mr. Hasan Tosun

Hasan is passionate about geography and history. He is an avid researcher of archeological discoveries and heritage sites. He is responsible for customer service in North African countries. 


19 Copper Street, Prosperita, Windhoek, Namibia